We’re kicking off this exciting program with everyone’s favorite little canary, Tweety! Tweety is celebrating his 80th Anniversary in 2022 and in honor of this landmark birthday, fans can collect one (or more) of Tweety’s NFTs for $80. There will be up to 10,000 Tweety avatars in the collection, featuring varied attributes like feather colors, backgrounds, hats, glasses, and other props. Presale for Tweety avatars begins June 20 with public sale starting on June 21.

  • Get on the Tweety presale list! To automatically qualify, simply hold any rare, epic, or legendary Tweety Space Jam NFT or any Monstars NFT in your wallet when the presale snapshot takes place on June 15.

  • Fans have the option to buy their Tweety avatars with Fiat (credit or debit card) and/or with cryptocurrency (DAI on the Palm blockchain). If you need additional help, click here and here.

How do I qualify for the Allow List?

To find out if you qualified to be on our allow list and participate in the presale you will have to log in into your Nifty's account.

  • Once logged in, you will automatically know if you qualify for the Allow List or have to wait for the public sale.

  • If you qualify the following screen will appear, stating that you're on the list!

  • If you don't qualify the message will read to come back during our public sale.

Delayed Reveal

With Tweety and subsequent Looney Tunes characters we will be doing a delayed reveal. The reveal date will always be a couple days after the public sale, with Tweety the date being June 23rd!

  • When you purchase your Tweety NFT and when you view it in your collection, you will see a crate with Tweety's silhouette.

  • You won't know what attributes your Tweety has, until the reveal day.

  • Once the reveal date arrives, the box will "open" and your Tweety NFT will appear.

What attributes will my Tweety NFT have?

Tweety's are random and thus each have varied attributes and props making them unique as no two are the same!

How many Tweety NFTs can I purchase?

During our presale, allow list participants are able to purchase Two Tweety NFTs. Once our public sale goes live, that limit goes up to Three Tweety NFT’s

What time will the snapshot and sales take place?

  • The snapshot date and time is 5pm PST on June 15th

  • Presale will begin at 9am PST on June 20th

  • Public sale will begin at 9am PST on June 21st

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