Before proceeding forward, it's recommended you review our How do I export my Nifty's Wallet private key? article to understand the risks and warnings associated with withdrawing your funds via this method.

  • Please also note that it’s recommended you use the Palm bridge for your DAI before sending DAI directly to exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, this way your funds aren’t stuck on Palm. For the Palm Bridge, you can head there here:

How do I import the private key(s) into MetaMask?

You can also follow along through MetaMask's support article located here. For more information on how to acquire a MetaMask wallet, you can connect to our support article here.

  • By clicking the MetaMask icon, you'll want to begin by clicking the "circle icon" in the top right-hand corner of the MetaMask pop-up located next to the network indicator. You'll then select "Import Account" via the drop-down menu:

  • From there, you'll be directed to the Import page within MetaMask. You'll then paste your private key and from the Nifty's reveal link and click “Import”:

  • And that's it! Your account has been imported into MetaMask.

What if my balance isn't updating once the key has been imported?

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