With our new wallet redesign feature, you can easily withdraw or send your funds to a MetaMask address, as MetaMask is supported on the Palm network which Nifty's operates on.

At this time, there are two available ways to withdraw your funds.

Using your wallet to send funds to a MetaMask address for withdrawal:

  • Before sending to MetaMask, you'll want to make sure your MetaMask wallet is configured for Palm. You can check out our support article on that here.

  • Please also note that it’s recommended you use the Palm bridge for your DAI before sending DAI directly to exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, this way your funds aren’t stuck on Palm. For the Palm Bridge, you can head there here: https://app.palm.io/bridge

To send, you'll want to enter the amount of DAI. Then, you will want to confirm the address of the recipient (or your own MetaMask address). You can add that address by clicking the "Add an Address" link which will prompt you to connect your MetaMask details:


By clicking "Next", you'll be prompted to begin the transfer and your funds will be withdrawn from your Nifty's wallet to MetaMask from either the Palm network or from the mainnet (which is where funds may have accidentally been sent to).

  • Note: Once the funds are withdrawn from your Nifty's wallet, should you have any questions on the funds within MetaMask, it's recommended you connect with MetaMask support directly to better assist you. You can connect with MetaMask support here or view their knowledge base with support articles here.

Exporting your Nifty's wallet Private Key:

  • Note: This method is only recommended for experienced users. If you're new to the NFT/Crypto world, we highly recommend following the steps outlined in our wallet withdrawal feature above.

For more information, please refer to our Exporting article here and our importing article here.

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