If you're looking for the opportunity to withdraw your funds from your Nifty's Wallet and transfer those funds into your MetaMask wallet, one way to initiate that withdrawal process is by exporting your Nifty's Wallet Private Key.

With this article, we'll explain what exporting your Nifty's Wallet private key means, the long-term and short-term goals, and the necessary warnings/risks involved. It's recommended you review this entire article to understand the risk and instructions for choosing to withdraw using this method.

  • Please also note that it’s recommended you use the Palm bridge for your DAI before sending DAI directly to exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, this way your funds aren’t stuck on Palm. For the Palm Bridge, you can head there here: https://app.palm.io/bridge

Please note that this method is not recommended for those that don't have significant experience with keys and crypto.

Before we get started...


Please note that by exporting your private key, you are doing so at your own risk.

Before proceeding forward, you'll want to acknowledge:

  • That you've read and agreed to Magic's Terms of Service., including the risks related to owning your private key disclosed in the Terms of Service.

  • That you are responsible for the management and security of your private key and any assets associated with the key, and that neither Magic nor Nifty's can help you recover, access, or store your private key.

  • Magic or Nifty's is not responsible for and will not provide customer service/support for any other wallet software you may use your private key with, and that Magic nor Nifty's does not represent that any other software or hardware will be compatible with or protect your private key.


How do I get my private key?

  • Once you've acknowledged and reviewed the warning above, you'll want to proceed to head to https://reveal.magic.link/niftys where you'll proceed to login to your Nifty's account via the email address or Twitter details associated with your account:

  • Once you log in, you'll be presented with a screen to acknowledge the risks associated with viewing your key. Once checked, you'll click the reveal private key orange button:

  • Once revealed, you'll be brought to a screen showing your private key which can then be copied by using the copy to clipboard button:


How do I import my private key into MetaMask?

  • Please refer to our support article here for additional instructions on how to import your key into MetaMask.

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