Nifty's operates on the Palm Network. If you have a MetaMask wallet connected, in order to safely and effectively use your wallet for transactions on Nifty's, your wallet must be configured for Palm. In this article, we'll explain how to configure your MetaMask wallet for working usage on Nifty's.

Starting the configuration:

  • You'll want to begin by heading to and clicking on the Get Started button under the Configure MetaMask

  • The first step is adding the Palm Network to your MetaMask wallet. You'll click the "Add Network" option where a pop-up will occur asking you to allow Palm to be added. You'll want to accept that.

  • You'll then want to re-click the "Add Network" option and ensure that you switch the network over to Palm via the separate pop-up.

  • Once the network is added, you'll then want to enable the addition of adding the DAI Token. You'll begin by clicking the "Add Dai Token" button where a separate pop-up will appear. You'll want to click "Add Token" to continue with the configuration:

  • And that's it! Your MetaMask Wallet has been configured and you're set to go to allow it to work on Palm.

Switching your MetaMask to the Palm Network:

Once your wallet is configured, you can then at any time manually switch your network to Palm while on

  • You'll start by clicking your MetaMask icon in your browser's upper right-hand corner (for the purposes of these screenshots, I am using Google Chrome).

  • From there, you'll select the drop-down menu located at the top of your MetaMask wallet and connect to palm.

  • Once selected, your MetaMask wallet should display connected and palm should show as the connected network from the drop-down menu.

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