At Nifty's, the currency used to conduct transactions on the marketplace is DAI. DAI is a stablecoin that aims to keep its value as close to the United States Dollar (USD) as possible.

DAI is also known as pDAI as it operates on the Palm network.

How do I purchase DAI?

  • You can purchase DAI (pDAI) either by our partner Wyre or through Palm Network.


Our partner Wyre allows you to purchase DAI directly via credit or debit card. (Apple Pay coming soon).

  • By clicking on your wallet by using the wallet icon (located next to your avatar image in the upper right-hand corner) you'll then click "Add Funds with Credit Card".

    • NOTE: You'll want to confirm the wallet address that you're purchasing the DAI from as that is where the DAI will be located. If you have multiple addresses (such as both an email and a Twitter wallet) it's worth double confirming that the wallet you want to have the DAI associated with is selected:

  • From there, you'll see a separate pop-up from Wyre prompting you to go with the Wyre purchase flow. Once purchased, your wallet will update via the drop-down menu with your updated DAI balance.

  • Please note that with Wyre, there is a limit of $1,000 per transaction and $7,500 per card per day.

Palm Network:

  • If you have a MetaMask wallet connected, you can purchase DAI directly on the Palm network. You'll want to first ensure that your MetaMask wallet is configured for the Palm network. Please see our article here.

  • Once your wallet is configured, check out our support article here on how to purchase DAI directly on Palm.

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