If you're wondering what Wyre is and how it relates to Nifty's - you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll explain what Wyre is and how exactly it works.

What is Wyre?

Wyre is Nifty's fiat onramp partner. On Nifty's, Wyre provides the ability for you to purchase DAI directly on the Palm network with a credit/debit card and add DAI directly to your Nifty's wallet.

How long will it take to add funds to my account with Wyre?

Adding funds should take no longer than a few seconds. If you experience a transaction taking longer than one minute, it's recommended that you connect with Wyre support directly to assist you further. Wyre will have more informative details to better help! At any time, you can connect with them here.

Geographic Restrictions with Wyre:

At this time, residents of NY, TX, and additional countries listed here are restricted from using Wyre.

In order for users to purchase DAI to use on Nifty's from these locations, they will have to proceed with getting a MetaMask wallet and adding DAI to that MetaMask wallet using the respective Bridge.

For more information on how to link your MetaMask wallet and add DAI to it, please refer to this article here and here and here.

Experiencing additional issues with Wyre?

  • If you're working through attempting to use Wyre to purchase DAI and experiencing issues with the funds arriving, please connect with them directly to have them investigate the issue further.

  • Additional issues also relate to 40% of all transactions failing due to credit card companies believing it is fraud. In order to correct this issue, you will need to connect with Wyre directly to assist.

You can once again reach out Wyre here.

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