Customizing your Nifty's profile is an awesome way to make your profile, well, yours!

Getting Started:

Once your account is created, you'll hover over your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner where a drop-down menu will appear. You'll then click settings:

You'll then be brought to your profile where you'll want to click edit profile to begin customizing:

Editing Your Profile:

Clicking on the edit profile button will bring you to a separate screen where you can change and edit:

  1. Your banner

    1. Your avatar (profile image)

    2. Your name

    3. Your username

    4. Add a bio

    5. Add a website

    6. Link your Social (Twitter, Instagram) accounts

Once done, make sure you click Save Profile to save your changes/edits made:

  • Once saved, your profile has officially been customized. You can return to the settings tab at any time to continue to edit your profile. If you need to create a profile, you can check out our support article here.

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