The Goon Squad Burn and Replace event is here! In this article, we'll explain how to participate and a few important details to be aware of before moving forward with your burn πŸ”₯

Important details:

To recap the details mentioned in our additional Goon Squad article here, in order to have a Goon Squad NFT revealed, you'll need to collect and choose at least three (3) Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs to burn and replace located in your Nifty's Wallet. You can view these NFTs under your collected tab.

If you don't have the required amount you can collect and purchase additional Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs on our marketplace! You can check out all the available NFTs by heading to the Space Jam profile here. For additional details on our Marketplace, make sure to check out our support article here.

  • ❌ Note that once these are selected to be burned, these NFTs will be replaced by a Goon Squad NFT. Once burned, they CANNOT be retrieved or returned.

  • All the NFTs that you're looking to burn need to be located in the same wallet that you're connected to. All of your NFTs will still display on your profile, but, depending on the wallet connected, when you head to the Burn and Replace screen, it will only show the NFTs located in the wallet that is connected.

    • For example, if your NFTs are located under your Nifty's Twitter wallet, you will need to log out/log back in under your Twitter details, have that wallet connected, and the NFTs will be displayed on the Burn and Replace screen.

  • The amount of times that you can burn and replace is unlimited! So long as you have at least 3 Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs in your wallet, you will consistently have the option to participate.

  • The rarity of the NFT you'll receive from the Goon Squad event is completely at random and the NFTs you burn do not influence the rarity type you'll receive in exchange. For example, if you have 3 Epic Porky Pigs and choose to burn 3 Epic Porky Pigs, you could receive a common NFT in exchange. It's worth repeating that once you burn these NFTs and they are replaced by the Goon Squad, they CANNOT be retrieved or returned.

Let's get started:

  • To begin, you'll want to head to our Space Jam: A New Legacy event page here where you'll then want to click on the Burn & Replace icon located at the top of the page:

  • From clicking that icon, you'll be taken down the page where you'll see a separate icon to choose 3 NFTs to burn:

  • From this screen, you'll approve the appropriate contracts before a screen will appear showing the NFTs available to burn. You can then select which NFTs you'd like to burn by clicking on the NFTs and making sure they are checked. As soon as you have 3 checked, your submit button will allow you to move forward:

    • Note that at this time, if you have more than 3 of a specific NFT, only 3 will be displayed on the selection screen.

    • For example, if you have 6 common Tune Squad NFTs and 6 common Bugs Bunny NFTs - on this screen, only 3 common Tune Squad NFTs and 3 common Bugs Bunny NFTs will be displayed. If you decided to burn an additional 3 NFTs, that amount would re-populate on this screen with an updated 3 NFTs.

    • If you only own one of a specific NFT, that will not be affected and will be displayed correctly.

  • The following screen will appear that will show the 3 NFTs selected. If you decide that you want to swap out an NFT for a different one before burning, you can click on the NFT or the pencil icon to be brought back to the selection screen.

  • Once you finalize which NFTs you'd like to move forward with, you'll want to click and hold the hold to burn button:

    • Once again, once these are selected to be burned, these NFTs will be replaced by a Goon Squad NFT. Once burned, they CANNOT be retrieved or returned.

  • Once held, your burn status will show as pending for the burn reveal:

    • Note that your burn should take place within 30 seconds but can be pending for up to a minute.

  • And that's it! Once your countdown is completed, your Goon Squad NFT will be revealed and can be viewed anytime on your profile under your collected tab:

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