To honor the first Space Jam’s villains, the Monstars will be inducted into the Space Jam Hall of Fame and a Monstar Team NFT will be distributed to Nifty's users who participate in the challenge!

What's the challenge and how do I get one?

In order to receive a Monstar Team NFT, you'll need to collect and hold in your wallet at least 5 Tune or Goon Squad NFTs from the secondary market.

  • Note that these are not the group NFTs, but individual players. (NOT group NFTs; individual players)

  • These 5 NFTs will need to be located in the same wallet. For example, if you have 3 Tune Squad player NFTs in your Nifty's email wallet, and 2 in your Nifty's Twitter Wallet - you will not receive a Monstar NFT.

  • The amount of Monstar NFTs you can qualify for is determined by how many individual player NFTs you have associated with your profile. For example, if you have 5 players, you'll receive 1 Monstar NFT. If you have 10, you'll receive 2. If you have 15, you'll receive 3 - and so on and so forth!

On our working launch date, our team will take a snapshot of the blockchain to determine who owns the 5+ NFTs. Once that snapshot is concluded, we'll airdrop you a Monstar Team NFT!

When is this event taking place? When do I need to have those 5+ NFTs in my wallet?

To earn your Monstar Team NFT, collect at least 5 Tune and/or Goon Squad player NFTs by Friday, January 14th. The Monstar NFTs will be distributed starting January 21st.

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