We hope you caught the news that all Matrix Avatar holders will have the opportunity to mint a Batman Cowl NFT in the early access window! Batman x Palm are taking a deeper plunge into the world of NFT blockbuster collectibles, and Nifty’s users have the opportunity to participate in minting, should they own a Matrix Avatar by Monday, April 18th, 2:00pm PST.

This will give Nifty’s users early access! Here's how to participate:

1. (If you own a Matrix Avatar) Create your DC Universe account here by Wednesday, April 20th, 10:00am PST - https://go.niftys.com/3O9MGGH
**Be sure to use the same email address, and Twitter account that you use to connect to your Nifty’s account. (If you don’t own a Matrix Avatar) You can grab your favorite Matrix Avatar from the secondary marketplace before the snapshot date mentioned above - https://go.niftys.com/3xjLudT

2. Once the above is completed, create your DC Universe account - https://go.niftys.com/3O9MGGH
**(Things to consider before minting your Batman x Palm drop!)**

A. Where are my DC NFTs stored?

When you create a DC NFT Account, Palm Studio will custody your DC NFTs in Palm Studio owned blockchain wallets for your convenience. You can manage your DC NFT by logging into your DC NFT Account where you can give us instructions for your DC NFT. (You will not be able to transfer your NFT to your Nifty’s account) https://go.niftys.com/3O9MGGH

B. How can I pay for a Bat Cowl NFT?

You can purchase your Bat Cowl with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. Minting will be $300 per NFT with a cap of 2 per user. When can I buy a Bat Cowl NFT? You will be able to purchase your Bat Cowl starting April 26, 2022 on the presale or April 27, 2022 for the full public sale. Will I be able to sell my Bat Cowl NFT? DC NFTs will be eligible for listing on the DC NFT Universe secondary marketplace starting in May 2022. Where should I go to ask additional questions? Bat Cowls have their very own Discord! Join here - https://discord.gg/29hPfXnCCV

C. Will Nifty's users have the same experience as DC NFT Account holders?


D. Will users be sent to the queue in order to purchase?

Depending on traffic and system resources, the Queue-it will be enable to start queues whenever there is congestion.

3. What if I encounter any issues during the Batman Cowl minting process?

If you run to any issues during the minting or email verification process you have four options to receive assistance:

A. Chatbot support on DC site:

B. DC/Palm Discord assistance:

C. Palm Help Center:

D. To submit tickets with Palm use the following link:

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