You can report copyright infringement, explicit content, and other claims to Nifty's by emailing us at at Please include the following details:

  • Reasoning

  • The content or account URL

  • Supporting documentation

  • Any additional comments


The available reasons to report content or an account is:

  • Copyright infringement

  • Explicit and Sensitive Content

  • Other

Content or Account URL:

Please make sure to include the specific URL that you are reporting.

  • You can find the URL for the Account you're reporting by going to the profile page of the specific account and copying the URL from your web page:

  • To add the URL of the NFT itself, you'll locate the NFT and click on NFT Details:

  • You can then copy the URL specific to the NFT and add that information to your email:


Any Additional Comments:

Please include any appropriate information for our team to further look into. The more information the better!

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