Nifty's has been dedicated to creating a greater user experience. With that mission at hand, it's important to understand the tightening scope of Nifty's in progress and future product strategy.

What happened to the NFTs?

Nifty's is: temporarily removing Ethereum NFTs from Nifty’s marketplace and wallets, and temporarily removing the playlist feature. We’re doing this to ensure we’re providing a premium user experience, work out any pain points and make our core product as strong as possible.

What does this mean for Palm network vs. Ethereum mainnet?

We are doubling down on the Palm network for its ease of use and energy efficiency. This will allow us to deliver exciting, innovative drops while thinking strategically about the future of NFTs and our planet.

  • With all of these updates and changes, our vision remains the same: to create a space where everyone is welcome and excited to participate in this NFT experience.

Stay tuned to our social media channels (Instagram, Discord, Twitter) where we’ve got a lot more to announce in the future!

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