Welcome to Nifty's Marketplace! We're excited for you to take part in the next wave of Nifty's. In this article, we'll describe what the Marketplace is and how it works.

What is Nifty's Marketplace?

The marketplace is an opportunity to purchase and/or sell your acquired NFTs on Nifty's and engage with the Nifty's community.

Where is the Marketplace located?

You'll be able to access the market on the specific NFT you're interested in by clicking on the NFT itself where the market information will be located on the right-hand side.

At this time, there is no separate destination for the marketplace:

What can you do on the Marketplace?

On the marketplace, you're able to do the following 6 features with additional details provided below:

  • 1.) As a seller, you can sell the NFT that you own. For additional information on how to sell, you can check out our support article here.

  • 2.) As a buyer, you can make an offer to multiple sellers to purchase this NFT for your offered purchase price. For additional information on the Make an Offer function, please check out our support article here.

  • 3.) As a buyer, you can accept and purchase the Buy offers made by other sellers for immediate purchase. You're also able to see your available DAI balance and if you have enough DAI to purchase said NFT. For additional information on offers, please check out our support article here.

  • 4.) As a seller, you can accept an offer and sell your NFT for the listed offer.

  • 5.) View all available buy it now options and offers.

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