Creating an account with Nifty's is super easy!

  • You'll start by clicking the Login In/Sign Up button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen on

  • You can create an account either by email address or Twitter:

    • An important detail to note: if you first create an account with your email address and then decide to later sign in with your Twitter account, note that Nifty's will create two separate accounts if the email address associated with your Twitter is different from the email address you originally created an account with.

  • Once your email or Twitter information is entered, you'll receive a confirmation email sent to your address. Make sure you do not close the tab you're creating your account on! You can return to that tab once you follow the steps in your confirmation email:

  • The email sent will contain a button for you to officially log in to Nifty's and begin setting up your account. Make sure you open this email and click the link within 20 minutes of the confirmation email being sent! Otherwise, you'll need to start the process over again as the link will expire. Double-check your SPAM folder in case the email doesn't arrive!

  • After clicking the link, a pop up will be brought forward letting you know that you're logged into Nifty's and to return to your original tab (where you started your account creation):

  • From here, you'll follow the steps to customize your profile by creating a username, adding an avatar, and fine-tuning your profile banner. Check out our support article here for steps on how to edit your profile:

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