What is the Matrix Program?

In partnership with Warner Bros., Nifty’s launched The Matrix Avatar Program, consisting of 100,000 unique avatar NFTs, on November 30, 2021. The one-of-a-kind avatars, created using Epic Game’s MetaHuman Creator, make up one of the largest PFP projects to date and are the key component of a multi-year program consisting of missions and rewards for avatar holders.

The first mission, the Red Pill / Blue Pill challenge, which launched on January 5th, 2022, allows “base” avatar holders to make a choice: a “Blue Pill” to have their avatar remain locked in the Matrix or a “Red Pill” to transform their avatar into a resistance fighter “unplugged” from the Matrix.

What’s next?

The next missions and corresponding reward periods for The Matrix Avatars begin soon. Mission 2 will include off-platform activities for community members to earn new Matrix artifact NFTs and, starting in May, on-platform activities to capture XP from Matrix artifact NFTs and climb leaderboards to earn rewards.

How do I participate?

You’ll first want to check out the Matrix Avatars secondary marketplace on Nifty’s to pick up a Matrix avatar or a few Matrix artifact NFTs such as the “Glitch in the Matrix.” Collectors can also participate in activities across Nifty’s channels and burn artifact NFTs to capture XP and climb a leaderboard to earn real world rewards.

What are leaderboards?

For The Matrix Avatars program, we'll have separate leaderboards for both red and blue pilled avatars. To climb a leaderboard all users will need a Matrix avatar. Members of the Matrix community will be able to spend their captured XP to move up the leaderboards during a Mission reward period. We'll announce the activities, reward periods, reward tiers, and rewards very soon.

What is XP?

XP is a non-transferable token on Nifty’s that represents a user’s participation and achievement in an NFT community. When users complete certain activities, they can earn artifacts that carry XP. They can then burn the artifact to capture the XP and use the XP to acquire rewards.

What are artifact NFTs?

Artifact NFTs are earned through participation and achievement in Nifty's programs like The Matrix Avatars. Like other NFTs, artifacts are collectible art, but they also carry XP, which users can capture by "burning" the associated artifact on Nifty’s. For more information please refer to the Terms of Service.

Can I sell or purchase “artifact” NFTs?

Artifacts can be bought and sold on the Nifty’s secondary marketplace, but once a user burns an artifact and captures its XP, the artifact is gone forever and the XP cannot be transferred.

Do I need an avatar to redeem XP?

Users do not need an avatar to redeem XP. When a user burns an artifact to capture XP, the XP is captured at the account level. However, users must have an avatar for the relevant project to acquire upgrades or leaderboard points with their XP.

What are the rewards for XP?

XP can be redeemed for different rewards, such as new NFTs, upgrades to existing NFTs or leaderboard points. Leaderboard points move your avatar up a leaderboard during a reward period. When the reward period ends, you’ll receive the rewards associated with your position on the leaderboard. The rewards can vary from program to program and from reward period to reward period.

How are artifact NFTs distributed?

Users can earn artifacts through participation in various activities across Nifty's channels (e.g., Discord & Twitter), partner channels and in the real or virtual world. Artifacts are issued directly to a user’s Nifty’s wallet. Artifacts can also be bought and sold on the Nifty’s marketplace.

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