What is Down the Rabbit Hole?

Mission 2 starts with going Down the Rabbit Hole. In 2022, The Matrix Avatar Program will unfold in five chapters. Each chapter will include activities you can participate in to earn artifact NFTs. Once you’ve received an artifact, you can redeem it for XP at any time. You can then apply your XP to climb a Red Pill or Blue Pill leaderboard or upgrade your avatar’s skills. At the end of a reward period, you’ll earn rewards depending on your avatar’s place on the leaderboard, and then a new chapter will begin and the leaderboards will reset.

How to participate in Mission 2?

  • Off-platform Contests
    Earn artifacts by participating in off-platform contests (eg Discord, Twitter etc).

  • Capture XP
    Converting artifact NFTs (e.g. The Glitch in The Matrix NFTs) into XP.

  • Land on the Leaderboard
    Apply XP to an Avatar of your choosing and see where your Avatar lands on the leaderboard.

  • Reward Period Ends
    Leaderboards are now locked and a snapshot will be taken to determine rewards.

Do I need a Matrix Avatar for Mission 2?

To capture XP, you do not need an avatar, but to climb the leaderboard and upgrade skills you need an avatar. If you currently don't have an avatar, check out the secondary marketplace and obtain one there.

What are XP and artifacts?
Artifacts are NFTs earned through participation and achievement in Nifty's projects like The Matrix Avatar Rewards Program. Artifacts are ERC-1155 tokens that carry an assigned allocation of XP. XP is a concept borrowed from RPGs, where players earn XP by completing various tasks. On Nifty’s, we’re gamifying the experience of being a fan. The more you participate in a Nifty’s community, the more you level up and earn rewards.

For a more in-depth look into XP & Artifact NFTs!

Is there a Leaderboard and Rewards list?

Yes there's a the leaderboard and the rewards list for Mission 2 can be found here.

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