Leading up to The Matrix: Resurrections (premiering December 22nd), 100,000 Matrix Avatar NFTs were made available for purchase on Nifty's. In this article, we'll discuss what the program is and key dates to keep an eye on.


We're once again partnering with Warner Bros to launch the Matrix Avatar Program. Beginning on November 30, 2021, there were 100,000 NFTs made available for purchase exclusively on Nifty’s for $50 each. This one-of-a-kind Matrix avatar program is the largest PFP. PFP or "profile picture” are projects that are widely used for social media profile pictures.

  • To be able to participate in the initial purchasing event, you can either purchase with your credit/debit card directly via our purchasing partner Stripe. Or, you can use DAI to purchase either through our payment partner Wyre or by using MetaMask and ensuring DAI purchased is bridged to the Palm Network.

Stage One:

The Nifty’s avatar program unfolded in two stages: First, beginning on November 30th, users had the opportunity to buy one or more randomly-selected, hyper-realistic “base” avatars resembling ordinary people caught within The Matrix.

The Matrix avatars are composed of a multitude of attributes with millions of possible permutations: from hairstyles and hair color to clothes and shoes, to a variety of accessories including handheld devices, jewelry, glasses, and more. All are made using Epic Games MetaHuman Creator.

Stage Two:

Beginning on January 5th, the “base” avatar holders were given a choice -- take a “Blue Pill” and have your avatar remain locked in the Matrix or take a “Red Pill” and transform your avatar into a resistance fighter "unplugged" from the Matrix, having the same body but featuring entirely new clothing, hairstyles, and accessories inspired by the heroes of the Matrix films.

Next Steps:

After the two-stage launch, this multi-year project will include frequent "challenges" that will allow those Matrix NFT holders to upgrade their avatars, earn new NFT rewards and participate in an active community as part of an ongoing Matrix franchise program.

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