When you signup for a Nifty's account, you automatically will receive a Nifty's Wallet/Address at signup. But what exactly is a Nifty's Wallet/Address? Here, we'll explain all those breakdowns so you can become a Nifty's expert!

What is the Nifty's Wallet/Address?

The wallet/address that Nifty's provides you is an accessible way to purchase and view your NFTs without requiring you to acquire an external crypto wallet.

At Nifty's, our goal is to make NFTs more easily accessible to everyone by removing technological and economic barriers. By providing a wallet, we curb the learning curve to make this easy!

When you claim an NFT, say for Space Jam: A New Legacy, the default wallet address that is associated with your Nifty's wallet is the address where your NFTs will be sent. Through this address, they are visible on the blockchain.

How do I view my Nifty's wallet address?

  • To view your Wallet/Address, you'll hover over your profile avatar and click settings:

  • You'll then want to click on Wallet in the left sidebar:

  • Your Nifty's Wallet Address will now be visible! It'll be marked as your Nifty's Address on the right-hand side:


How does the wallet/address work?

Your Nifty's Wallet is powered by Magic.Link which is a cybersecurity company headquartered in San Francisco, specializing in blockchain private key management. They are the inventors of Delegated Key Management (pat. pend. USPTO 62/904689), which enables hardware-secured, non-custodial management of users' private keys that are used to authenticate and make crypto-asset transactions on blockchain-based applications a.k.a decentralized applications.

Magic.Link is critical to making sure your information is secure. Through the power of this, it allows your wallet to be controlled and accessible by you. For more information on Magic.Link's security, you can head here.

So you have NFTs in your wallet, what exactly can you do with them?

Great question! At this time, you cannot transfer your NFTs out of your Nifty's Wallet/Address...yet. That feature is coming soon!

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