MetaMask is the only external wallet that Nifty's supports! Adding your MetaMask wallet to Nifty's is as easy as a few steps. It's important to note that connecting your MetaMask wallet cannot be done on mobile and can only be connected by using a desktop.

What tools will you need?

You'll want to make sure that you have:

  • A MetaMask Wallet

    1. The MetaMask Wallet Extension

For more information on MetaMask and how to create a wallet, you can head to where you'll want to start by clicking either Download icons:


Connecting your MetaMask Wallet to Nifty's:

  • You'll start by hovering over your profile icon and clicking on Settings:

  • You will then want to click wallet on the left hand side of your account information. Once on the wallet tab, you'll then move forward with adding your address via MetaMask:

  • If you downloaded the MetaMask extension, pop-ups will then begin to appear:

    • The first pop-up will have you select the accounts that you want to connect to Nifty's. You can use the checkmark boxes next to said accounts to correctly mark which accounts you want connected with Nifty's and which ones you don't. (If you only have one account, only one needs to be checked). Click Next once you've determined the account(s).

    • The second pop-up is confirming the account connection. You'll need to check the "view the addresses of your permitted accounts (required)" in order to start the connection. Once checked, click Connect.

    • The third pop-up (and final) is the signature request pop up that brings forward that by signing this message, you are linking your Ethereum address to your Nifty's account. You'll then click Sign.

  • Once connected, your address will show back on your wallets tab. If you need to add additional addresses in the future, you can simply repeat the same process to add those addresses via MetaMask.

  • For more information on what ETH, and MetaMask, you can check out our Glossary here.

What do I do if I can't connect my MetaMask wallet?

  • If you're unable to connect your MetaMask wallet, please try these steps:

    • Try clearing your cache and reconnecting your wallet address.

    • Try logging out/logging back in

    • If you're using Safari or Brave, please try a new browser

    • Make sure you're attempting to connect via Desktop and not Mobile

  • If those solutions prove no avail, please submit a support request. As a workaround, you can send pDAI (or DAI) from your MetaMask wallet to your Nifty's wallet address once your MetaMask wallet is configured for Palm. More information is available in our support article here. We're constantly continuing to work on any/all issues and appreciate your understanding!

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