If you have DAI on the Ethereum mainnet and are looking to use it on Nifty's, this article will help explain how to use the Palm bridge to bridge your DAI from the mainnet to the Palm network, and why you would need to use it.

Before getting started...

  • It's important to note that Nifty's operates on the Palm Network. For more information on Palm, you can check out our support article here.

  • You'll want to make sure your MetaMask is configured to use on Palm. For more information on those instructions, you can check out our support article here.

  • If you've already accidentally sent DAI (or ETH) to your Nifty's wallet and need to withdraw it to use the bridge, you can check out our additional support article here.

  • The bridge (Palm bridge) can be used to transfer DAI tokens between the Palm network and Ethereum mainnet. When tokens are transferred from Ethereum to Palm, the bridge will top up the destination address with a small amount of PALM.

  • Please also keep in mind that a small fee is required to move assets across the bridge from Palm to Ethereum, charged in DAI. This fee covers the cost of gas on Ethereum, and also goes towards carbon offset projects.

Let's begin:

  • To start, you'll want to again ensure that you've connected and configured your MetaMask wallet for Palm. It's worth repeating the instructions for that can be found here. You'll then head to https://app.palm.io/bridge to use the Palm bridge.

  • Once your wallet is connected, you'll want to have your origin and destination networks selected.

    • For example, if bridging DAI from Ethereum to Palm, your Origin Network will be mainnet and your Destination Network will be Palm

  • Once the networks are selected, you'll then want to select the Token type and the Transfer amount. In the screenshot provided above, I have a balance of 0 DAI on my Mainnet network within MetaMask, so I do not have an available transfer amount.

  • Once the Token type and Transfer amount are selected, you'll then want to provide your destination address. The destination address is where we want this DAI to go. For the purpose of Nifty's, you can either send it directly to your MetaMask Wallet or you can send it directly to your Nifty's Wallet address which is located on your profile page.

  • Your MetaMask wallet address is available to copy under the "account" information located next to the connected status:

  • Once you have the available information added, you can click the start transfer button which will begin the process of transferring that information. You will see a confirmed message once the transfer is complete!

Additional Resources:

You can see additional bridge processes by connecting with Palm at https://app.palm.io/bridge

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