ERCs (Ethereum Request for Comments) are technical documents used by smart contract developers at Ethereum. They define a set of rules required to implement tokens for the Ethereum ecosystem. In this article, we'll be explaining the difference between token types used on Nifty's from the ERC-1155s to ERC-721s.


ERC-1155s are tokens that allow multiple copies to be issued. The difference between the ERC-1155s and the more popular ERC-21s is the ERC-21s are unique in that each item is a unique asset vs. the 1155s multiples.


ERC-721s are unique and can have a different value than another Token from the same Smart Contract.

Do these NFTs have serial numbers?

The "numbers" associated with your NFTs are not serial numbers.

  • These numbers themselves are not directly attributed to the amount or quantity.

  • Each number is more a code with each individual digit representing a unique identifier.


Are these NFTs actual NFTs?

Yes, your NFTs are NFTs on the Palm blockchain. We recommend checking out for additional information into our awesome partnership along with our support article which you can find here.

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