We've redesigned the Nifty's wallet for greater accessibility and a greater design. In this article, we'll break down what each feature of the wallet does and what you can do with your wallet.

Before we get started:

A key update to our new wallet is the takeaway of the wallet drop down (or switch) located on Nifty's marketplace itself. With the new wallet feature, the wallet that you select using the instructions below will automatically update the wallet used on the marketplace. Keep reading for additional details!

The Wallet and its Features:

The new wallet is located using the wallet icon on the top right corner of your screen next to your profile avatar:

  • From here, you can successfully switch between your Nifty's Wallet address(es) or view your connected MetaMask wallet information using the drop-down arrow. It's important to note that if you have two Nifty's wallet addresses (Twitter and Email), you'll only be able to see that corresponding address by logging in via that Method:

    • For example, if you're looking to view your Twitter Wallet information, you'll need to log into Nifty's using your Twitter details.

  • You can view your transaction history (DAI used for purchases or sent out of your wallet, and DAI received such as for sales or by purchasing DAI for your wallet).

    • Note: that in order for this history to be displayed, you need to have either Fund or Send NOT selected. If selected, you can either click the "OK, I'm done" prompt at the bottom of your wallet to exit and re-connect to view your transaction history or simply re-click Fund or Send to view your transaction history.


You can view either your Palm Network details or Ethereum Mainnet details associated with the wallet selected:

  • Remember that Nifty's operates on the Palm network. For additional details, check out our Palm network support article here.

  • You can view the wallet address associated with the wallet selected via the drop-down menu and its associated DAI balance:


  • You can either Fund or Send from the wallet selected:

Funding your Wallet:

Located directly in the wallet is the ability to add funds to your address. You're able to do that either one of two ways:

  1. By adding funds with your Credit Card via Wyre

  2. By moving DAI with the Palm Bridge


Sending your DAI to another Address:

With our new wallet redesign, you can directly send DAI from the selected wallet address to a MetaMask Wallet.

  • Before sending to MetaMask, you'll want to make sure your MetaMask wallet is configured for Palm. You can check out our support article on that here.

To send, you'll want to enter the amount of DAI. Then, you will want to confirm the address of the recipient. You can add that address by clicking the "Add an Address" link which will prompt you to connect your MetaMask details:


By clicking "Next", you'll be prompted to begin the transfer and your funds will be withdrawn from your Nifty's wallet to MetaMask from either the Palm network or from the mainnet (which is where funds may have accidentally been sent to).

  • Note: Once the funds are withdrawn from your Nifty's wallet, should you have any questions on the funds within MetaMask, it's recommended you connect with MetaMask support directly to better assist you. You can connect with MetaMask support here or view their knowledge base with support articles here.

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