Claiming a Wallet/Address is an essential method of keeping your NFTs secure, while also showing the storage of your NFTs on the blockchain. Here at Nifty's, it's always important to us to keep this information accessible and easy - let's begin by explaining what a wallet is and why you should claim one.

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What is a wallet?

It's important to understand what wallets are and what they accomplish. Wallets themselves do not hold cryptocurrency or NFTs, but, rather they act as a gateway to the blockchain to where your information is located.

Electric Artefacts provides the comparison of a debit card: "a debit card does not directly store your money but rather acts as a key to an ATM machine. Think of wallets much in the same way, as wallets provide a gateway to the blockchain where your funds are located via "private keys" or digital passwords."

Why should I claim a wallet?

Now that we know what Wallets are, why should you claim one? Wallets allow secure access to your NFTs, in turn, keeping them safe. A wallet prompts ownership: if you have the private keys (as mentioned above), you control the information within the wallet.

An example of a popular wallet for NFTs is MetaMask which can be viewed further here.

MetaMask Explained - What is MetaMask? - Moralis - Build Serverless web3  apps

However, once you sign up with Nifty's, you will automatically be given a wallet address to add or purchase DAI if you choose. For more information on Nifty's wallet, you'll want to head here.

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